MEET: Angelia

Angelia, a second-year student within the fashion Marketing and Management program at Fanshawe College. Her favorite part of this program is designing displays and learning how to make sales in the fashion world. She believes that Live Chic has provided her with a place to apply what she has learned and has gained a lot of experience with innovative displays and learning how to help customers. After graduating, Angelia plans to work as a sales assistant in a retail store. Outside of her academic pursuits, you might find Angelia at home playing with her budgies or working out at the gym.


MEET: Chioma

Chioma Cynthia Asuzu, your go-to fashionista with a passion for all things style and aesthetics! Currently strutting her stuff as a final year Fashion Marketing and Management student at Fanshawe College. Working her magic at Live Chic has giving her a golden ticket to unravel the dynamics of fashion and retail operations. From the art of merchadising to captivating visual displays, she’s here to ensure Live Chic is not just a boutique but a fashion haven. Dreaming big, she envisions herself at the forefront of a cutting-edge fashion empire, forging a distinguished career in fashion through unwavering excellence. When She’s not conquering the fashion world, you can catch her making a splash in the pool, hanging out with friends, diving into community activities, and soaking up quality family time.

MEET: Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a second-year fashion marketing and management student. She is currently pursuing her studies with a focus on the field of fashion In their discussion about the program, their favourite aspect emerges as event planning.Brooklyn, would bring a benefit to live chic due to their customer service skills After completing the program, Brooklyn has set her sights on a career in wedding planning. And to make beautiful and memorable weddings, ensuring that every detail is meticulously executed to create a magical experience for couples Additionally, she has a passion for cosmetology and has plans to return to school to further develop her skills in this field In their personal time, they enjoy going to arcades to de-stress and going drinking with friends on the weekends and will most likely see brooklyn downtown london on the weekends.

MEET: Antonio

Antonio is a passionate second-year student delving into the world of Fashion Marketing and Management. His true passion lies in the art of marketing within the
fashion world, finding excitement in crafting narratives and concepts to promote products and foster lively brand communities. To him, 'Live chic' embodies more than another course; it represents a pathway to comprehending the intricacies of the retail world, offering invaluable learning experiences. Post-graduation, Antonio wants to live and work in a big city to apply his skills in the dynamic domain of Marketing for a fashion brand. Beyond his fashion pursuits, he values a balanced lifestyle, frequenting the gym, expressing himself through dance as a proud Latino, and cherishing quality time with friends, which adds that extra sparkle to life.

MEET: Jolin

Greetings, everyone! This is Jolin from the second year of Fashion Marketing and
Management at Fanshawe College. Passionate about clothing and fashion, she
actively participates in various events within the design department. Another
fondness of hers is enjoying hands-on work with friends in the program. Jolin loves to discover new things and local businesses at Live Chic, where she believes it serves as an experimental lab for students like her to explore the retail world. One of her graduation plans is to work and settle down in hyper cities in Canada. You can see her always running in the H building. Let's stay tuned with her to see what's going on in the store!

MEET: Manpreet

Manpreet, a second year student within the Fashion Marketing & Management program at Fanshawe College. She has a passion for stitching and creating new designs. Her favorite aspect of the program is Event planning and promotion in which she can show her creativity and innovation skills for creating upcycling garments. After completing her studies, Manpreet, plans to pursue her career in stitching field and her aim to open a boutique. Outside of her academic pursuits, you can find her to spend her quality time with her family and doing cooking.

MEET: Jesica

Jesica (yes with just one “S”), currently enrolled in Year 2 of the Fashion Marketing and Management program at Fanshawe College, thrives on the creative aspects of the curriculum, particularly enjoying applications like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe
Photoshop, Canva, SketchUp, Shopify, and Social Media platforms. Her work experience at Live Chic provides valuable insights into both front-end and back-end operations, including buying and stock inventory management. Post-graduation, she envisions two potential career paths: diving into Marketing to refine her skills in promoting diverse brands, or venturing into the Buying field, where she aims to predict market trends and curate merchandise. Outside of academic and professional pursuits, Jesica indulges in beadwork, crafting everything from
bracelets to bags, with aspirations to bring her bead business to Canada.

MEET: Emenike

Emenike, a second-year student in the Fashion Marketing and Management program at Fanshawe College. He possesses a keen interest in the art of crafting compelling displays. Emenike's favorite aspect of the program lies in his ability to leverage Live Chic as a real-world setting to experiment with innovative displays.  Post-graduation, Emenike envisions a career path centered around merchandising and the creation of visually appealing in-store displays. Beyond his academic pursuits, Emenike finds joy in dedicating his free time to designing new outfits.

MEET: Sylvia

Sylvia, a second-year student in the Fashion Marketing & Management program at Fanshawe College. She really loves working on creative displays at Live Chic and talking to customers face-to- face. It's hands-on and exciting, letting her try out new ideas and connect with people directly. After she finishes the program, Sylvia wants to go back to working in fashion development and buying, using her experience. She's keen on making attractive in-store displays and growing her own
brand. Outside of her studies, Sylvia enjoys outdoor activities with her two boys. In the summer, they do water sports by the lake, and in winter, they have fun with snow games. To relax from daily stress, Sylvia finds comfort in cooking—it's her favourite way to unwind.