Our Live Chic Story

...pronounced 'live sheek', Live Chic is a wonderful little store located in Fanshawe College, London, ON in the Siskind Gallery in H1015.


Both the physical and the online store - livechic.ca - are run by students of the Fashion Marketing and Management Program for students and employees of Fanshawe.

We sell fashionable products that range from sustainable locally made products to trendy Toronto Distributors from t-shirts, dresses, purses, and other gifts including by several London local artisans. 

Our inventory is purchased in small orders and curated by the FMM students. Items sell fast and we typically don't re order the same products...but don't worry new products arrive regularly!

CUSTOMER REVIEW-"Unique, quality items and fantastic customer service! I love shopping here!" Jennifer

We sell and ship across Canada!

Free Shipping on orders of $50.00 and over.

$5.00 shipping on orders $49.99 and under.

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