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I’m Nancy

A student of Fashion marketing and management at Fanshawe college. I work as a visual merchandiser at our college’s retail store which is Live Chic. I love working there because we promote sustainable local businesses with a different story. I like every brand and its line, but the “Six n Stone” is my favorite it’s local and handmade.

Fashion accessory

Six n Stone presents all the pieces designed by Shannon Burnham and handcrafted by her and her small but devoted team. They concentrate on semi-precious stones, crystals, and high-quality supplies that are in line with our low costs.


Sparkly Heart Pink Bracelet Set

  • Jasper - very nurturing
  • Cherry quart - a love sign
  • Clear quartz - brings calm and clarity.
  • 1 bracelet purchased = 1 meal donated so you can feel good about your purchase! 

Bracelets with beads and hearts from Six n Stone are another fashion accessory that I love from Live Chic. The charm and the stylish appearance of this bracelet make it very easy to style. Feel free to stack them up with other similar bracelets. You can add rings and chains to complete or emphasize the look you are going for.

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