Unlocking the Potential of Fabric Repurposing

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Hello! I’m Ana Mercader, a student in Fashion Marketing & Management at Fanshawe College.   

As a fashion student, I keep learning how important it is to reuse, upcycle, and repurpose fabrics or any material to reduce waste and our carbon footprint. During my time at Fanshawe College, I got the opportunity to work at Live Chic, an in-campus retail store ran by students, for students (and faculty). 


During my time working at Live Chic, I have learned a lot, I have been able to develop retail experience while having fun. Some of the tasks we do which I have been learning at Live Chic are:

- Buying merchandise from local businesses 

- Merchandising the store 

- Working the Shopify website and social media platform 

See The Worth is a London, Ontario based brand that focuses on repurposing quilts, bed sheets, beach towels, and other materials and create unique pieces with unique styles. My favorite item from Live Chic are the See The Worth Cocoon Jacket for the following reasons:

- The quilt which the jackets are made from are upcycled 

- The jackets are one of a kind

- It is locally and ethically made

If you are interested in viewing the different styles and patterns made into jackets, visit https://livechic.ca !

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