Unique dryer balls!

dryer balls

Live Chic is introducing unique dryer balls exclusively online at livechic.ca! Dryer balls are trending now more than ever because of their outstanding ability to save energy.

Our dryer balls are made with love by our 1st yr Fashion Marketing and Management students at Fanshawe College. Our creative students have used sustainable 100% wool to design adorable and unique little dryer balls.

Dryer balls help dry clothes more quickly than on their own or using a dryer sheet. They also help soften clothes by removing stiffness and wrinkles.

dryer ballsUsing dryer balls to naturally soften clothes and remove wrinkle instead of using dryer sheets that contain chemicals.

Our handmade dryer balls are made of 100% natural wool so you don’t have to worry about sensitive skin or static clinging clothes.

Join our green movement by ordering your dryer balls now! Shop livechic.ca

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