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Tru Earth has just arrived at Live Chic and! You've got to go and check them out!


It's the newest product on the market to reduce the amount of plastic waste

being sent everyday to the dumps around the world.

This product is made in Canada too! What is it and why should I really care? Well, much of the destruction of our earth comes from transporting goods across our country and the world. Laundry soap is filled into plastic jugs with 80-90% of it water. Not only are we spewing fumes into the air to carry this product but only 10-20% of it is actually product. Water is heavy and we have access to it from our own tap. Why does it need to be transported back and forth across our country?

Tru Earth eco laundry soap strips

Also, plastic is finally being rejected by Canadians. We no longer wish to contribute to the mess it has created in our dumps and water systems. Most Canadians are now looking for no plastic solutions to product packaging. 

Tru Earth recognized the absurdity of all this waste...water and plastics. They came up with a brilliant idea of eco-strips that are a dry soap strips packaged in recyclable cardboard envelope. Each envelope contains enough eco strips for 32 loads of laundry.

It may just be what you are looking for to solve a few sustainability issues you see in your home.

Try Earth eco soap strips shop

Tru Earth has also introduced wool dryer balls! By now, most people know the effectiveness of 3-4dryer balls in the dryer. No more static cling and reduces the drying time of your loads.!

 Love a great commercial? You have to check out Tru Earth's ads! go and order your eco strips for your home


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