Top Trends Spring 2018!


Spring is just around the corner and you can feel it in the air! We break down 2 noteworthy trends for spring 2018 featuring product available at as the hottest new trends and styles.


  • Multiple bags- a major trend for spring this year is multiple accessory bags. Not only is it fashion forward to layer your jewelry but now your bags as well. You can match the same bag with the same colour in two sizes or two completely different bags with different colours are definitely acceptable.


This style is definitely not easy to pull off, so we recommend dressing in neutral monochromatic tones to allow the bag to speak for themselves. We have pastel toned purses come in multiple styles and sizes perfect for layering with each other.

  • Monochromatic- possibly the simplest and most noteworthy trend this season is dressing in all monochromatic colours.

This year’s big bang comes from layering many pieces of clothing and accessories in the same tones. This style looks extremely clean and formal. Make a statement with monochromatic pastel colours this spring!

Check out Live Chic’s newest arrivals of our pastel colour scarves to try out this trend.


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