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Why Thrift?

Live Chic will be featuring a variety of thrifted pieces this week to help promote sustainable fashion. Buying second hand, benefits you as a consumer, and the environment. Below are just a few reasons why we should buy second-hand more often:

 Environmental Impact

When we re-wear our clothes we reduce waste and pollution. The average North American throws away 81 pounds of clothing per year adding up to about 26 billion pounds of clothing to landfills. When we thrift, we are recycling. Buying second hand shrinks your carbon footprint by decreasing the use of natural resources it takes to create new fabrics and reduce carbon during transportation of a garment. Buying a second-hand item and giving it new life, you save it from landfill and when you are done with it you can donate it again.

Good for Your Wallet

 Second-hand stores offer low prices that everyone can afford. There is no greater feeling than when you find that gem for a steal! Typically, second-hand items offer better quality as they last long enough to be donated. The better the quality of a piece of clothing is the longer it lasts and the longer it’s out of landfill.

Unleashes Creativity

 Buying second-hand helps you to unleash your creativity! Thrifted clothing offers you more room to be unique. By adding the right accessories, we can completely change the look of an article of clothing making it trendier and thrifty chic.

By Danielle

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