The student working experience at Live Chic & Favorite jacket from Live Chic

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Hi, this is Chloe. I am a student in the fashion marketing management program. We are running our school retail store this semester. In this article, I am going to talk about my experience at Live Chic and introduce my favorite product from Live Chic.


 My Experience with Store Management, Merchandise, and Product Selection at Live Chic. 

  • Communicate with wholesalers to get the best price and enough products.
  • Displaying the products in the store to make it more attractive and comfortable for customers to get the products.
  • Regularly select the products. Stock the products that sell well and return the products that do not sell well.


Live Chic's Collection: My Top Picks for the Perfect Winter Jacket!

  • Comfortable: This jacket feels soft and cozy against my skin.
  • Good-looking: This jacket has cute patterns and a colorful striped composition on the inside that looks great with any outfit.
  • Warm and Eco-friendly: One of the best things about this jacket is that it's made from upcycled Quilts. It feels warm while being environmentally friendly.


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