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Hey guys! I’m Saleem. I am a student at Fanshawe College for Fashion Marketing and Management. I am writing on behalf of the 1st year Fanshawe students who make many of the products in the Live Chic store. 

At Live Chic I am responsible for many key aspects for the operation of the store.

  • Help decide what brands we will purchase
  • Study financial statements and make trend predictions
  • Using my merchandising skills to create effective displays

Are you sick and tired of the hassle of buying, using and disposing of dryer sheets? Trust me, I am too. That’s why I immediately fell in love with the handmade Happy Face dryer balls at Live Chic. 

These dryer balls are handmade by first year Fashion Design students at Fanshawe college. The students are instructed by long-time profs to ensure that the highest quality and proper procedures are obtained. The students hard-work shows, as everyone who has purchased it has loved it.

While the product is quite simple, it is very cute and useful. 


  • Reusable
  • Canadian Hand-Made
  • 1 of 1 Designs
  • 100% Wool

    These dryer balls are loved by students and teachers alike. Afterall, who doesn’t do laundry?

    These dryer balls are only $3, making them a laundry-must have. Not only will you save money in the long-run by using these over your standard dryer sheets, but it’s also environmentally-friendly! 

    Did you know?

    • Wool dryer balls have been shown to reduce drying time by 15% to 47% depending on the build of the dryer (helps the environment and your utility bill)
    • Wool dryer balls can last up to 1000 loads, while a pack of dryer sheets might only include 200 while retailing at $10
    • In my experience, they do a far better job of softening and reducing static in my laundry loads

    Purchase your favourite dryer ball before someone snatches it up (after all, they are 1 of 1) on the website or at the Live Chic store located on campus in the H Caf.

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