The Essential Travel Item You Will Need This Summer

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Hello friends! My name is Daniela and I’m a FMM student currently working at Live Chic every Monday. Throughout my shift I get to see all the new merchandise we receive and of course as fashion lover, it’s hard to contain myself from buying all the goodies we have in-store. So, to make mine and your life easier, I have narrowed down my favourite item to the See the Worth Cocoon Crossbody Bag.

Live Chic allows FMM students to gain real life experience operating a retail store. I have been able to work with my classmates to create in-store promotions that have surpassed the daily sales of Live Chic from the last 3 years, I have been able to connect with local vendors to discuss partnerships, and I have learned the importance of getting sustainable pieces to obtain long-lasting and high-quality items for our customers.

Imagine it is 5 am at the airport, you haven’t had your coffee, you are stressed and on top of that you can’t seem to find your passport and you don’t know which pocket in your backpack your wallet might be. This could all be avoided if you have perfect cocoon crossbody bag to keep all the important documents near you while you are travelling this summer. Therefore, the Cocoon cross-body bag has the following features:
·      zero-waste design created from scraps of quilted goods donated to Goodwill
·      Made of a cotton-mixed design for comfort and durability
·       Made in Canada with designers who value functionality and style

Stop the search for the perfect travel purse this summer, here at Live Chic we have just what you need to get rid of the extra stress while travelling and make you feel safe by always keeping all your essential items near you… and what better way to do it than in style!

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