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Hello there! Its officially the time of the year when the days are longer and the cold starts fading out once again! Unfortunately, though the workload is not slowing down quite yet. Most people in today’s modern world lead hectic lifestyles full of stress and days where work and duties seem to be a nonstop constant. It is always important to remember though, that stress is not at all healthy for our bodies, and can actually weaken our immune systems making us susceptible to sickness. It is for this reason, that finding ways to deal with stress and lessen it is essential to leading a healthy lifestyle, because let’s be real, getting completely rid of it is totally impossible.

This week we want to share with you two things that go hand in hand with each other to help deal with stress.

Let’s begin with “Zen”. Zen is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Dhyan’ which means meditation. This type of yoga and meditation not only helps improve concentration, but it is also linked with keeping a calm mind. It is very closely attached with tea because the Buddhist monk who introduced Zen to Japan also introduced tea there. Initially, tea was drunk at the Zen temples by monks to stay awake while meditating, but later this practice became a vital part of Japanese tradition known as tea ceremony.

Now let’s talk about our life, full of stress, lots of struggle, busy with work, restlessness are very common for every people globally. So, how do we maintain all of these things in our day to day life? Tea drinking is considered as an exercise for the mind which is close to regular form of meditation that brings mindfulness into our daily lives as it has been proven to have more relaxing properties to it. The aroma of variety of tea somehow connect us to several elements of our natural world.

Following all these pieces of info that we wanted to tell you about, we want to introduce you to one of our favourite products: Lemon Lily Tea. You can find at Live Chic, and we have quite a few different flavours for you to enjoy in the morning to star your day right, in the middle on a busy afternoon to disconnect and reload for a little bit, or at night to end your day and get plenty of relaxing sleep. A few of the ingredients you can find in your warm cup of lily tea are: Green tea, lemon peel, dandelion root, chamomile hibiscus, rosehip and ginger amongst many more! Don’t forget to grab yourself a few essentials to prepare your tea as well! Like reusable cups to keep it warm for as long as you need and tea filters to make steeping your tea easier!

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