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Many things come to mind when you think about soaking.  For this reason, Purdy travelled far and wide to get the necessary ingredients to perfect this product for physical and spiritual use. The aim is to meet their customer’s needs one individual at a time.

Love to relax in a tub infused with natural herbs and spices to experience the purifying effect of water to heal the mind body and soul? 'Soak' is for you. It contains special healing ingredients like Epsom salt, holy basil, rose, lavender, Frankincense, lemon balm and more to connect mind and body towards its transformation and natural beauty.

These super ingredients work marvellously on the skin by opening clogged pores and removes excess oils from skin surface. It eases the nerves while soothing muscles and joints as you bask in the ambience of all the natural scents infused together working their way into the body to give that supple feeling to the touch…irresistible sensation.

Let’s talk about one of the main ingredients in 'SOAK'... Epsom Salts! You’ve probably heard about them before, as they have become quite famous among health enthusiasts! Epsom Salts have been rumoured to have a long list of benefits.

But first, what are Epsom Salts exactly? Well Epsom Salt is a compound made up of magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen; that has been used to treat ailments and conditions for hundreds of years. If the name is still sounding a bit unfamiliar to you it might be because now they’re more commonly known as Bath Salts, and they are given that name because that’s exactly what they’re for (trust me you don’t want to eat them they’re super bitter). Anyways, these salts release their benefits when dissolved in water, as the particles are absorbed through your skin, and boy do they have a long list of benefits’ including stress reduction, exercise performance and recovery, reduces pain and swelling and promotes sleep as well as glowing wonderful skin! 'SOAK' is definitely worth the try!

post by Ligia & Gloria

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