Set the mood this Valentine’s Day with Mood & Co.

Canadian style

            The purpose of Mood & Co. is to combine unique aromas that connect with you everyday. We’re not exactly here to change the world but surely setting the mood for it. To keep things light, our candles just make scents.” 

Since we can’t go out this Valentine’s Day, create a romantic night in for your significant other with the ambiance of Mood & Co while supporting local businesses. Mood & Co. was founded and created by fellow Fanshawe alumni, Johnson Nguyen. A candle is a perfect gift for your partner this year! Everyone loves candles!

 Can’t choose which candle you like the most? Each candle has a different aroma and
story that goes with the mood.      



‘Netwicks & Chill’ is a sweet, savoury and straight-up sexy. This unique scent
with a pinch of popcorn is bound to heat things up.

‘Love at First Light’ is perfect for one-on-one, day or night. It’s sweet, charming
and nice with just enough spice.

‘Scent and the City’ is sweet, sassy and sexy like Sarah Jessica Parker! From the
metropolitan to a few cosmopolitans, this is perfect for a few get-togethers.


Happy Valentine’s Day and stay safe!

-Live Chic <3

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