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This year students running at Fanshawe College have really supported the idea of sourcing and selling sustainable products online. It is still a fairly new concept that is gaining appeal with customers who are starting to question their own purchases. We researched several other online stores offering their own sustainable products. Here are few we discovered:

Buck-Naked Soap Company

Live Chic is dedicated to delivering quality and environmentally conscious products for our customers. Which is why we have decided to sell sustainable products in our store. A company that offers all sustainable products is Buck Naked Soap Company, they’re a vegan beauty brand from Cambridge, Ontario. They only use quality natural ingredients and all of their products are 100% natural, chemical-free and vegan. They care about the impact that they have on the environment and the animals living in it, which is why they only use sustainably sourced ingredients for their products. To top it off they also donate 1% of profits to the World Wildlife Fund and are partnered with WE Charity to develop their WE Charity Collection, and every item in the collection goes to providing clean water in Kenya.

Matt & Nat

Live chic is starting to increase the sustainable companies we use and we are really interested in this company called Matt & Nat. It’s a Montreal based company in love with nature. They have boutiques around Canada and expanding. Their products are available for both men and woman while including a minimalist look to their earthy vibes. I feel this company is really good for our look and what we are trying to achieve! Committed to using 100% recycled plastic bottled for the linings.

sustainable products matt&nat


Tealish, a Toronto based tea company founded in 2005 with the goal of redefining the tea landscape of Canada. Tealish features award-winning teas aimed at a sustainable future. Tealish boasts the best tea in the world with whole leaf from a hand-picked estate, and gourmet ingredients like vibrant fruits, healing herbs and, rich spices.

Their gourmet teas coming in a variety of flavours and variations such as gourmet, wellness, and desert. Flavours include toasty almond, ginger sparkle, apple cinnamon and vanilla orange spice. Tealish offers a perfect blend of new world environmentalism and gourmet tea blends for everyone to love.

tealish teas

We'll continue to search the web to find new, interesting, and sustainable products to offer on our online store Hope you will continue to follow along with us.

As always, let us know what you think too!

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