New Year...New Green Products

dryer balls

This store is managed by our Fashion Merchandising students at Fanshawe College. They are now back in class and we are ready to present new products!

This year we are developing our new direction...a direction of caring for our environment...a story of sustainability. We will present several new offerings that may surprise you!

Some of the products were made by our students...Thank you first years! They made all the dryer balls that are now being loaded up on

Have a look...cause they are just plain fun and so practical! They bring a smile to your face when you are doing your laundry. 

What are dryer balls? Well...they are little balls of 100% wool fibers. Toss them in the dryer with your damp clothes and let them bounce around as your clothes dry. Really practical cause they are 100% natural. They help dry your clothes faster, they prevent your clothes from knotting up plus they cut down on static electricity...naturally

NO MORE Chemical laden dryer sheets. Best when used in a combo of 2 or 3. These little ones have adorable personalities! Give them a try! Gift them to a friend.

Check them out now!!! 

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