Is Worth, worth it

Is Worth, worth It…….

To be sustainable is an essential component of modern life, and its effects on the environment must be taken into account. Although more expensive, sustainable products are worth the extra money in the long run. By making sustainable purchasing decisions, we can help create a healthier world and a better future.

Lets Dig in

Worth is a small initiative started by goodwill industries partnership with Fanshawe College to repurpose end of use textiles.

The Comfortable Floral pants you can wear in Spring…

  • Repurposed from old Cotton bedsheets makes it one of a kind.
  • Sustainability is the new in..                                                                           We are PURR-oudly Canadian….Worth is a product of Goodwill industries     located in London,Canada and it is all about repurposing and making one     of a kind pieces.

A Little Glimpse about See the Worth:

Our team member Andrew had a conversation with inside people of Worth see what they have to say:


Crystal Yi - Associate Director , See the Worth

Why do you like being part of STW?

I love having a job in marketing that is environmentally and socially conscious. It gives me a  sense of purpose, knowing that I am contributing to a sustainable, better future of fashion and  consumption. I also love our team—we are all so well connected and collectively feel that a cohesive community, kindness and hard work will drive positive change in our community and  beyond.

Where do you see the brand going in the future?

I majorly see growth to retailers and partners throughout Canada and hopefully the U.S. It  would be amazing to eventually be a leader in sustainable fashion and remake/remanufacturing. 

Where do you gain your inspiration?

I gain most of my inspiration from my peers—whether that’s the See The Worth team, other  artists, designers and retailers in London, people I follow on Instagram, or my family and  friends. I also feel very connected to the planet and find nature incredibly inspiring. I try to  spend two weeks backpacking in Northern Ontario every year to reset and reconnect with the  earth which I find is so helpful when I return to work. It drives my passion for sustainability.


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