Hello Spring, we have missed you…


Spring is about newness of life. That means new buds starting to grow, birds singing and life waking up from a long winter’s sleep. It also means new fashions and colours to brighten us up like sunshine every day.

Live Chic is excited to show off new items for their spring collection. The Kimono Coverup is light and airy. It’s fashionable out on the town and chic on the beach.  This gorgeous blue and white print can blend in and yet stand out. Pair it with your favourite jeans, sunglasses and top. Cool, comfortable and low maintenance is the way to go.

Kimono cover up for spring

Celebrate spring by doing something new this week!

  • Try out a new coffee flavour
  • Read/ listen to a new author of a book
  • Take a different route to work or school
  • Call a friend you haven’t seen for awhile
  • Stand in the park and just breathe

 Love Live Chic

xo Lisamarie

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