Giving Vintage Clothing A Second Story

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“The Story” was created as a sustainable fashion project by Fashion Marketing & Management students, where the students hand-curated every piece of clothing and accessories to give these items a second story.

The Story´s Purpose

The purpose of “The Story” is to promote sustainability. This collection also shows how people can be fashionable and have good quality pieces while supporting slow fashion. From denim pieces to dresses, every hand-selected piece has been curated to target men and women. Aside from clothing and accessories, the collection also features funky and vintage glassware like ceramic cups, wine glasses, plates, and more.

Denim on Denim

Fashion is a full cycle. Denim on denim was a trend back then, and in 2023, we are seeing this trend resurface. 

In “The Story” collection, good quality denim pieces can be found, in its section at Live Chic. 

Featured in this picture, from “The Story” collection:

  • Tommy Hilfiger Denim Jacket
  • Guess Denim Pants
tommy hilfiger denim jacket and guess denim pants

Sustainable is the new cool

Slow fashion is a way to reduce waste and and unnecessary consumption. The Story aims to help people realize that you do not need to buy new clothing to be fashionable and dress in a modern way. 

The collection also features more business casual pieces for elevated looks. The curated pieces are all different styles that you can mix and match to create a statement outfit.

Featured in this picture, from “The Story” collection:

  • Brown leather jacket
  • White denim button up crop top
  • Brown and white pants


More of these amazing and unique pieces can be found in Live Chic, H building beside Starbucks. 


Live Chic Instagram: lclivechic

Live Chic Website:


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