Fun Things to do During Quarantine


Live Chic hopes that everyone is safe and healthy during this difficult time. Global pandemics are new to many of us. Many activities have been cancelled. Schools , retail, offices, movie theatres, and coffee shops have all been closed. The government and specialists tell us how important it is to wash hands often, avoid touching eyes, mouth and nose, practice social distancing, and stay at home.

So, during this time at home, we will definitely feel bored and think about what we can do to fill our time. Activities that can be done include watching videos, reading books, baking recipes etc.

Now is a good time to add some fun decor or do some changes to our homes. Our Live Chic bloggers have come with some great ideas and would like to share some DIY while we are in quarantine.

'5-Minute Crafts' always has a few great ideas. This is one of their latest videos:

What DIY interests you the most? Do you have other ideas on what activities can be done during quarantine? Comment and share with us!


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