Wallet Accessories For All Occasions

Canadian style

Wallets this season are great accessory pieces. Deciding the colour is the hardest part. Here are some rules of the season to help you choose the correct wallet for your #OOTD!

Variety of wallets for Spring 2019Really shiny small purseTriangle gold purse

If your outfit has highlight details, such as a spark of brightness, choose to wear a nude or black wallet. Now, if your look is more colourful or prints, choose a neutral colour model. Remember, that it is very charming, so do not fill it with so many items as to not lose its’ elegance. Going to a formal party? Choose a smaller wallet or purse to accessorize your look. Match it with your outfit or your shoe…your choice! If your event is a friend’s party or club, you can opt for wallets with enough brightness or colour to give a good highlight to the outfit.

Close up of gold triangle purse

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