Dryer Balls and Cup Sleeves-Sweet Gift Ideas!


Hey everyone!

If you have followed us for a while you know we offer a lot of wellness products, based in London, Ontario, we sell online and at Fanshawe College.

This month we are adding something new to our amazing product line. We are introducing our dryer balls and cup sleeves to Live Chic. These amazing dryer balls and cup sleeves are made from 100% all natural wool. Throw them into your dryer to help dry your clothes quickly and keep them from getting static cling! The cup sleeves do a great job keeping your hands warm and cosy when holding a hot drink!

Both make the perfect stocking stuffer for this Christmas season. Fun gift to give to those you love. They come in so many different colours and designs, every one is unique in its own way.

Available online and in-store now til December 18 at 4pm. Drop in or shop with us online.


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