Arrow Stud Earrings By Brilliant Boutique

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Hi my name is Denyse Tagarisa l am a second year Fashion Marketing And management student, l work are Live Chic as a sales representative and talk to costumers about the products being sold. Today I would like to talk about arrow stud earrings made by the  brilliant boutique, this signature piece is great for the up coming seasons; spring and summer. These earrings will attract a young adult demographic that are obsessed with jewelry including gold. They’re yellow gold plated earrings, which are good for young women who are sensitive on the ears and overall these earrings will not tarnish. The arrow stud earrings are a bold statement that will upgrade many different fashion styles and outfits.


Safe the ears, best for beauty

- Sterling sliver, yellow plated earrings for woman who are either allergic to fake gold, as well as very sensitive ears/ skin.
-Bringing beauty and shine to a women while wearing them, and making them feel confident and beautiful
-Safe for all skin types and woman, including the environment

Earrings that are made to impress

- These stud earrings are good for different occasions such as; a party, a day out with friends and loved ones, a work meeting/ event, social gatherings

- These stud earrings are here to impress others jewelry taste and showing the world that this would look good on everyone and have the ability to where them anywhere, any day

-Stud earrings are here to stay and worn everywhere worldwide






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