Are You ‘RED’y for Valentines Day?

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Annually, on February 14th, many around the world celebrate Valentine's Day - the day to acknowledge love, friendship and admiration. 

Although Valentine’s Day looks a little different this year and there is not much to do in regard to going out, you can still enjoy a night-in or virtual date night with your significant other or friends. We can spread the love this year by keeping healthy and safe.

Stuck on what to do? Here are some fun ideas!!

  • Enjoy a hike outdoors on a new nature trail
  • Order dinner from a local restaurant you haven’t tried before
  • Try out a new recipe 
  • Bake some sweets and treats
  • Host a virtual game night via Zoom
  • Relax and unwind with music and candles
  • Watch a romantic movie you haven’t seen (or even any movie for that matter)

Remember to surround yourself with those you love this Valentine’s Day whether you can see them in person or not - technology makes virtual date-nights/hangouts so easy. Share the love and let those in your life know how much they mean to you!

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Stay safe this Valentine’s Day and don’t forget to head over to our Valentine’s Day shop for any last minute gift ideas for your loved ones… we have something for everyone!


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